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Papa was a rollin stone
Me and crew  cruisin Nashville
Coming into Homer. Couldn't get it right but area  at ridge line was almost explosive . Oh well coming into Homer
As we race to get behind Kodiak before one last spankin . Trifecta complete  Cod Opies and Baridi . Thanks for the bounty and  to my men who paid the price.
Inspiring is all i can say
This guy, This guy here , Part of a tough Boston family that moved to San Diego years ago . I worked with 2 of the brothers in Sand Point Ak salmon seining . Photo is Keven Forrey and the unseen is Tim . Like alot of people , Keven is dealing with a health issue . In the day if there was a fight , Keven was by my side . But now Im by yours Keven . Keep the fight Keven , miss you brother
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